Ways to Have a Fun Filled Family Vacation

Family vacations are thrilling; however, when you have a baby with you, the task can be challenging. Experts in the field of childcare say most parents avoid traveling with a baby because they cannot handle the stress and the pressure involved. The baby demands extra care and attention. He or she needs to be fed many times a day. Rest and sleep are important or else he or she will be cranky and cry during the whole trip. These are just some of the major challenges that parents face when they travel with their baby. However, travel experts say that traveling with your baby need not be a mammoth affair if you follow the tips below-

Be prepared

Experts say traveling with your baby is like traveling with a rock band. You must be ready, alert and prepared all the time. If you are equipped with everything your baby needs, the traveling experience will not be so bad after all!

Traveling by plane

If you need to travel by plane with your child or an older child opt for a seat that is connected to a bassinet. In case, your child is a toddler; you can book a separate seat for him or her. Before the take-off, you can always request airline staff to pre-board the bassinet. It will be easier for you to place the baby in securely.

Baby food and milk

Babies tend to get hungry,and once these hunger pangs strike, nothing can stop them from crying. So, keep your stock of fluids and food. Make sure the baby is hydrated so keep a sipper. Make sure you make your baby suck on this sipper during take-off and landing. Sippers will alleviate the air pressure your baby might face in the plane.

Keep clothes and diapers handy and within reach

When you are traveling with your baby, make sure you have lots of clothes and diapers handy. Babies need many changes and dress your baby in layers. This will help you take off extra clothes if your baby feels too hot. They can be placed on the baby when he or she is cold. If your baby is too hot or too cold, he or she will cry. Remember babies are associated with messes during travel so always have extra napkins, outfits,and diapers handy. Make sure they are easily accessible and can be reached when you need them.

Activities you can do with your baby while traveling

When it comes to traveling, you can opt for something like a Central Park bike rental with your baby. You can take him or her to theme parks or simple explore nature together.

Carry your baby’s favorite toys so that he or she can be distracted with it in case mood swings step in. If you have an older toddler, you can generate his or her interest by telling him or her about the places you are about to visit. Show him or her pictures of the places you are about to visit. This will generate interest in your child,and he or she will be happy to see these places in real.

Putting your baby to sleep

When it comes to your baby, carry things that can easily put your baby to sleep. You can carry your baby’s blanket, pillow,etc. If you wish to put your baby to sleep, carry sun shades so that the light from cars are reduced. You should try to travel during the time your baby is resting so that he or she falls asleep quickly.

Do not plan trips or day activities for more than 6 hours

Remember, babies and toddlers are little,andlike adults, it is not healthy for them to sit in one place for more than 6 hours at a stretch. If you are driving, you must plan your stops along the way. Make sure you stop at safe places where you and your family can rest. Before you hit the road, you should plan your trips well in advance. Make sure you do your research well and make a list of restaurants, rest houses and other places to stop along the way. Make sure you plan the route on ways where you and your child can get out. This means you do not have to sit in one place for hours at a stretch.

Schedule your trips around the sleeping time of your child

When you are traveling with your baby, make sure you choose flight times that are close to the sleep time of your child. The same holds true for car trips. Check schedules and make sure that your child sleeps during those times so that he or she does not become cranky and cry.

Sit next to your baby

When you are traveling with your child, make it a point to sit next to your baby. When you are in a new destination, your child will identify you as his or her comfort zone. Remember you are his or her home. In case, you are traveling with your child, make sure one parent sits in the back seat with the baby while the other drives.

The same applies to any group activities that you plan to do together. For instance, if you plan to hire a Central Park bike rental, make sure that you are constantly next to your toddler. Parents that have small babies generally will not opt for these rides as they would like to carry their child and take him or her to parks or general sightseeing venues.

Therefore, when you are traveling with your child, keep the above tips in mind. Your baby needs extra care and attention when you travel with him or her. However, do not miss out on the memories and adventures you can have with your little one when you plan a family trip. Make sure you be prepared and keep everything ready. This will help you and your baby enjoy the trip without any kind of hassles at all!

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, and Photography etc.

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