Top 10 Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps: Although the tablet selection stinks, owning an Android phone brings an abundant variety of compatible apps. Below is a collection of 10 of the apps I can’t live without.

1 Weather:

1 fills the need for a simple weather app and adds additional functions – without becoming unusable. The app has options for daily and hourly forecasts with the addition of precipitation and wind speed data. It does all this within one of the most minimal interfaces of any application (whether or otherwise). It displays the current temp in the Android status bar, allowing users to drag down the notification tray for an inline forecast. You can Also user iOS App store alternative emus4u.

Price: Free                                                                                                                                              

Pocket Casts :

Now that Google has longed killed off its Listen application for podcasts, a fan of talk radio and podcasts can turn to Pocket Casts. This application allows subscribing to podcast and stream or downloading them as they become available. The interface is a visually pleasing tile layout, text and cover art of all large formats. Users can subscribe to both audio and video podcast. A discovery section allows for easy searching and sampling of new content.

Price: $3.99

VCE Mobile:

If a technical, management, or other certification is on your to-do list, VCE Mobile can help. This application serves as an exam engine, using questions sets submitted by users in the .vce format from sites such as There are little to no controls in the actual interface, flash formatted card questions that allow for randomization and viewing of correct answers. While your certification classes and real exam are likely to break the bank – VCE Mobile will help save you the embarrassment of multiple fail attempts.

Price: $14.99

Nike+ Running:

Nike+ Running is a free app published by Nike. At surface level, the app documents user runs, but the value of the program is in its social hooks, allowing users to post runs to Facebook and Twitter. Even better, announcing the start of a race to Facebook enables an applause sound for each person that selects “like” on the status during your run. Nike+ Running is an extension of Nike’s marketing effort – an attempt to get users to purchase Nike shoes and other product. But for our friends that are iPhone owners, this app was kind enough to come preinstalled direct from Apple. Whether a fan of Nike or need a way to track your runs – the social hooks in the Nike+ running app makes it much more effective than competing fitness apps.

Price: Free

Headset ButtonController:

Moving from iPhone to Android usually means giving up headphone audio controls. Some manufacturers have attempted to release Android specific models that will allow control of audio and call controls – but if buying a cheaper model as I did, an additional control application is required to have functional powers. In comes Headset Button Controller. This app allows you to use your existing headset and even your old Apple earbuds with full audio control on Android. Outside of a Bluetooth headset, this small utility is a no-brainer for improving your overall Android experience.

Price: $2.99


With instant access to account data ranging from checking to a student loan, Mint gives users a birds-eye view of their total financial health. Better than balancing a checkbook, Mint collects transactions from every financial account imaginable to provide users more rich data, including net worth, net income, alerting on fees, and much, much more. Mint’s data is accompanied by graphs to visualize the effects of last month’s shopping spree. Mint is now acquired by Quicken but remains free. Although the Android app is excellent, fear not – your data can be access online at for those looking to import from excel and other accountant reliable operations.

Price: Free

Jamie Oliver 20Minute Meals:

Cooking may still be a chore, but the Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meal app gives both video tutorials and step by step photos for tasty meals that are promised in 20 minutes or less. In real-world use, the 20-minute promise is a bit of a stretch, but the layout and formatting of the app make it easier to use than most. It allows users to create shopping lists of ingredients also and is regularly updating with new, tasty recipes – at a price cheaper than any Rachael Ray cookbook.

Price: $3.99


Afterhunting for a decent stock viewer for Android, I had all but given up when Idecided to download the Fidelity app for my 401k. Although the app is designedfor Fidelity customers to view and control accounts – the application alsohouses one of the best stock tickers you’ll find on Android. Select specificstocks, view indexes, or watch the days biggest winner and losers – theFidelity Android app provides financial market data in a format that isconsumer friendly, for those of us who don’t work at the New York StockExchange.

Price: Free

Nova Launcher Prime

Is that the new Nexus 4? No? Then yourAndroid device must have come with an abundance of carrier bloat ware andmanufacturer modifications. Nova Launcher is one of much “launcher” applicationthat will allow you to change the menus, number of home screens, and otherAndroid visuals that are often tampered with in carrier customization. Remembertheme packs for Windows 98? Then you probably already have this installed.

Price: $4.00

Babbel Turkish:

“Like Rosetta stone, but free” I explain to my sister. Babel has a range of applications to support various languages. The form is in flashcard format, displaying both words and phrases. These things a step further, the app will listen for your pronunciation and score your broken accent. Babbel’s apps make language learning more of a gaming experience. Not interested in Turkish? Try Babbel’s apps for French, Spanish,Price: Free

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