The winter, The Perfect Time for Pruning Oaks

Oak is a robust tree widely used in gardens, main streets and green spaces of many towns and cities. It is a large tree that can easily exceed 40 meters in height.

Oak is a species that does not support hot summers, tolerates less cold and requires less moisture than other trees. Therefore, it is common to find it in lower areas. Its wood is hard and very used in construction and furniture, so its use is very frequent. It is also a broad tree, woody trunk with longitudinal cracks and deciduous.

How and when is it best to prune the oak

When pruning the oaks during the winter, the cuts can heal throughout the spring and their recovery is much more effective and faster. We must bear in mind that oaks are beautiful trees with their abundant foliage and their huge branches. However, keeping them healthy and strong requires a lot of work and some technique to avoid damaging it.

Therefore, the best time to be able to oak is usually between the months of January and March.

In order to prune the oak, the following aspects must be taken into account:

The most important in the pruning of the oak is the removal of dry branches. The elimination of previous bad cuts left from other pruning and the elimination of criss-crossed branches or that bother each other. The most important thing is to bear in mind that the smaller the cut, the better the healing and the less the wound.

In addition, it is advisable; use some type of fungicide to prevent mold and fungal attacks in the oak. The cut should never be flat to avoid excess moisture in these wounds after pruning the tree.It is important to choose a dominant branch to be the guide and get the oak grow healthy and give a good shade.

Over time, the branches are divided into multiple guides and cause the tree to weaken as it grows. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one as a guide (which is usually the most centered on the trunk of the tree). The rest of the branches should be reduced in size to allow the chosen dominant branch to receive more sunlight and grow in the best way.

The tool to use, as you can see in this image of one of our pruning gear in Gardening is usually the best chainsaw, which guarantees a clean cut or, in the case of small oaks, it can be enough with the use of a small saw.

Procedure to start cutting

Identify the branches that you are going to cut and prune as close as possible to the trunk so that the cut is outward, in case the branch is very large or thick, make a first cut a few centimeters away from the trunk, thus preventing the Branch will tear it when it falls.

Now cut at the distance of the first cut, but from top to bottom until it comes off, finally, cut the rest of the branch above.

If your cut is correct it should be flat and without borders. Applies healing for pruning in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria or diseases. The bushes share many similarities with the trees. The difference is in their size and shape of growth since instead of growing from a single stem they do so from several.

The care and maintenance method are the same, unlike pruning for decoration, which is done with two-hand scissors. For bushes that have flowers and other types of branches use the smaller scissors.

When you finish using your tools, do not forget to clean them with alcohol to disinfect them and avoid the transmission of any disease when you prune another tree or shrub.

Pruning of Great Dimension Trees in Town

The felling and pruning, carried out on adult and large trees, is being carried out for security reasons. Due to various factors such as age, rot, weather phenomena and other circumstances that present an obvious risk of falling on public roads, either from the tree itself or from some part of it.

Pruning is a technique widely used during the winter and which is carried out for various purposes. For example, eliminate excess vegetation and dead branches or cut diseased and poorly situated parts, all with the aim to facilitating growth and flowering during the spring season.

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