Hoverboard: One Step Ahead From Skateboard

Nowadays many people are switching from skateboards to hoverboards. One of the most prominent reasons behind this increasing trend of hoverboards is their convenience, feasibility, and complexity. There are several reasons behind the preference of hoverboard. Here, we will briefly mention few of these reasons so our readers can know which among the hoverboard and skateboard is safe and better for them.

  • Automatic

Hoverboards are automatic with efficient batteries and motors. The skateboards are not automatic and require human effort. These automatic balancing devices help the rider to enjoy an effortless ride without being frustrated. This can be helpful if the rider in drowsy and wants to get home as soon as possible.

  • Resistant foot pads

Unlike skateboards, the hoverboards have resistant footpads. The plastic or metallic surface of the skateboard is often slippery. The rider may have a fall in higher speed or when he is inexperienced. On this condition, the hoverboards are helpful as the rubber foot pads prevent the rider from slipping during a high-speed balanced ride.

  • Doesn’t require human power

Skateboards require human power to move. The person must use his legs to drag the skateboard forward or to take turns. While the hoverboards don’t require any human effort. They operate by detecting pressures of the foot pad exerted by the rider. Thus, the rider does not get frustrated or tired while riding the hoverboard.

  • Self-balancing devices

Hoverboards are self-balancing electric scooters which are an exciting replacement to the older bicycles, motorbikes, and skateboards. These self-balancing gadgets work on the principle of inertia and momentum and operate through the pressures detection. Thus, they provide an effortless and joyful riding experience. It feels as if you are gliding in the air with gentle breezes kissing you and mind getting relax and more relaxing!

  • Higher speed

As compared to the skateboards, hoverboards move at very high speed. At an average, the hoverboards move at a speed of 7-10 mph. Some professional hoverboards can also acquire 13-15 mph of speed. Although this speed is quite slow when we compare it with that of cars, for a balancing scooter or similar devices, this speed is astonishingly high to gush through the air and have a joy ride. Here are some best hoverboards with blistering speed to give a fun-loving ride to adventurous.

  • Easy operation

It is very easy to operate the hoverboards. You can press your toes to move forward and similarly, you can press your heels to move backward. Pressing the right foot while releasing the left foot takes a right turn and similar but opposite works for the left turn.  While the skateboards require immense human effort to drag the board ahead. It requires special techniques and lots of practice to perfectly operate a hoverboard. Whereas, some hoverboards also work on mobile instructions, described in the next session.

  • Mobile control

The hoverboards today are smart. They come with their own mobile apps. These apps serve to keep a check on the board performance. This may include the battery status, charge left, pressure count, modes switch, lighting effect and other statistics. This app can also be used to provide mobile navigation instruction to the hoverboard so the rider only stands still while the hoverboard moves through the mobile instructions.

  • Easy carriage and affordable

Hoverboards were thought to be expensive and uncomfortable to carry. But they are available at as low as $150 in the market. With its many properties and skills, the rider must select the hoverboard instead of a skateboard, both available at the same rates. Buying a hoverboard is worth money.

  • Music system

The hoverboards are an exciting replacement to the old and boring skateboards. As proves to this fact is the music system and grooving speakers of the hoverboard. The rider can listen to his favorite music while riding and doesn’t get bored of the ride. While on the skateboard the rider is just allowed to listen to what surrounds them.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

The hoverboards also connect to the smartphones via the Bluetooth connectivity. It is very convenient for the rider to control the board through mobile, play music and more. Thus the hoverboards are much better than the skateboards.

  • GPS settings

The hoverboard also gave GPS settings so it becomes easier for the rider to locate himself and find the way out. This can also be used to find a lost hoverboard. Parents can track their children while they are on a ride. So the rides on hoverboards are safer.

Hence, the above benefits indicate the worth of hoverboard. However, the skateboard has its own upsides but comparing it with hoverboard indicates how this gadget is ruling over other transportation gadgets.

No doubt, the hoverboards are a fun replacement for the boring skateboards. Some proofs of this statement are mentioned above. Now the reader can decide the best board for himself.

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