Building a Mobile App For Your Saas Business? Consider These Questions First!

With the facilities like the ease of use, seamless working experience, lower operational cost, faster connectivity, and better collaboration in large teams, mobile applications have transformed the SaaS business world. They have added comfort and reliability to the traditional process, encouraging all the SaaS business owners to develop and use their own SaaS-based business app.

In such a scenario, if you too are planning to develop a mobile app for your SaaS business, I recommend considering the following 4 questions to streamline the process and gain higher outcomes

What is your product’s basic service?

It’s true that your SaaS product might be offering a myriad of options to the end users. But, it is necessary to know what is the core facility/feature you offer or the customer love. It is also crucial to consider if the clients have any feedback regarding that service – something that they wish to find in the upgraded version, or something that is available in limited edition on the desktop but can be easily utilized in the case of mobile.

Knowledge of any such feature or functionality is really helpful to make a strong point on why your SaaS business needs a mobile app and how you will plan to employ this option effectively.

Will the app be a valuable addition to your existing process?

No doubt, a mobile app will provide you and your users with ample of benefits, it is necessary to look into the impact of the mobile application on your business – Will it open a new door for your business or enhance the traditional process? While both the options sound great from the business perspective, it is better to prefer mobile app development in the latter case. This is because it will involve lesser risk and higher success rates.

Do you have time and resources to develop a mobile app?

Creating your own SaaS mobile application is not a day’s task or something that can be discussed in one meeting and delivered in another. It is a complicated process where you need to maintain a to-and-fro communication right from the app idea discussion to design, development, testing and app delivery. Besides, the process demands a higher investment in terms of time, efforts, and funds.

So, it is necessary to look into if you have enough time and resources to invest in mobile app development or not. Also, it is necessary to be clear with if you are planning to get the app developed in-house or are looking forward to outsourcing your app development needs.

When going with the former option, you need to discuss whether your team is free to switch to mobile app development process without affecting the core functionality of your business. While, in the other case, you are required to look into how to find the right outsourcing app development company for your SaaS business app needs.

Which mobile platform are you planning to consider first – Android, iOS, or both?

Though the mobile market appreciates building an app for both Android and iOS, the decision is completely up to you. Dig deeper into your market needs, understand your customer behavior, look into your resources, and determine if you wish to build an app for Android, iOS or both the platforms. The decision will bring a significant impact on your future. So, do it carefully!


Developing a mobile app for your SaaS business is a great opportunity to land up in a new sphere and boost your business growth. However, it is necessary to consider the aforementioned questions for making the right decision for your brand and gain higher profits. So, don’t forget that! Also, if you have any doubt regarding mobile app development for your SaaS business, feel free to ask here.

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