Benefits Of Using Cardboard Packaging For Cake

Sugary treats tend to attract us all, one of the most scrumptious treats are cakes. They are perfect they bring joy to your occasions; no matter the occasion maybe you can totally complete the experience with cakes. There are so many different types of cakes in the market, its just mind blowing at times!

Since the cake culture has been growing rapidly one thing that crosses the mind of a manufacturer is the different types of cakes boxes on the market these days. The different types of cakes deserve new good looking cake boxes to intrigue the walk-in customers and in order to make your boxes stand out in today’s market there can be certain steps you can take in order to make your packaging unique and creative such as using bold unique colors and patterns or typography.

Packaging plays a lead role in marketing and getting the word out. It doesn’t matter if you have a small home-based business or a big commercial level cake business, you will still need many different types of cake boxes. As a manufacturer, you will think about all the ideas you can implement in order to design your custom cake boxes. We live in a world where if an idea crosses our minds, there is a chance that it has been done already. So making your boxes stand out is very important.

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Speaking of interesting boxes you can also add a little texture and windows to your custom cake boxes. This is something new and unique you can experiment with, adding windows to your boxes will give your consumers a little sneak peek and get them all excited.

Cardboard packaging benefits


Since cardboard is one of the most used materials for packaging, it has its perks. Cardboard cake boxes are available in many different qualities. There are premium qualities such as corrugated cardboard and there are cheap khaki-boxes, depending on what you are looking for.

There are certain customizations you can do in order to make your cake packaging unique, such as printing. If you are willing to print, you can both go overboard and experiment with fun colors and patterns or you can stick to the usual simple printing and print logos and business information.

Cheap material and the high availability

The high availability of cardboard makes it highly demandable in the industry. If you are a manufacturer you will eventually look for cheap options and the use of cardboard for your custom cake packaging will be ideal. Since cardboard is made up of recycled materials it is a lot easier to produce and it is relatively cheap if compared to other materials such as plastic and wood. All these materials are heavy as well, they blindly add to the shipping costs.

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Protecting what’s inside

Let us all not forget the basic purpose of packaging is to keep the product inside safe. We all know that packaging plays a lead role in marketing but it is as important to keep your product safe inside since we are dealing with cakes it’s always the manufactures first priority to keep the cake safe and secure. Having the right sized boxes will totally protect your cake from smudging and denting.

A great way to preview your cake without opening the whole cake box will be through a sneak peek window in your custom cake box.

Trendy and sufficient packaging

As packaging plays a lead role in marketing it is very important to give it the importance it deserves. There are plenty of boxes on the market most of them have identical packaging, as a manufacturer it is your job to make your boxes stand out.

There are certain things you can do in order to make your boxes stand out, for example, holographic designs have been an internet sensation in the past few years. Introducing holographic cake packaging designs will be a major hit in the market. You will attract a lot of new consumers with your new and innovative cake boxes!

Where can you buy the best deals?

Well, there are plenty of places to buy cake boxes from it just depends on how many boxes you need and what types of cake boxes you need.

Here are the most common options:

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Wholesale purchase

If you are initiating a business, you will need more than a couple of boxes to start with and buying from wholesale retailers can be ideal. Buying wholesale cake boxes can be cheaper if compared to local retail store prices, this is every businessman’s secret. Since you are initiating new business, you will need all sorts of cake boxes, from printed cake boxes to plain and elegant cake boxes for the purpose of a wedding and other events. Buying boxes from wholesale retail will give you the freedom to customize and design your boxes however you need them to be.

Most wholesalers design boxes up to your orders, this is how you have all the freedom of the world to customize and alter whatever you like. You can change the size of your cake boxes or you can add a couple of inches to the width of the boxes, the choice here is yours.

Online shopping

We live in a generation where we can buy cakes online, so it is safe to say that you can buy cake boxes online. There are plenty of websites that specifically deal with custom printed cake boxes and you can totally benefit from all the customization’s that they will offer. Overall customization are great but something that is trendy in today’s generation is printed cake packaging, this is something that attracts many consumers since it is made up to their liking.

Always beware of the scams on the internet. Keep packaging and styling unique boxes!

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